Dreaming with glasses on.


I wear glasses most waking moments of my day and put them on my teddy bear before going to sleep. I suspected my vision didn’t need that extra help to look at the movies my mind creates. But my dreams are getting blurrier day by day. May be I should start wearing contacts?

Are everybody else’s dreams crystal clear? Do they have everything figured out by 22? Do they have straight paths to their pot of golds? Because if they do then I am failing at life. I do not see my road to success yet, worse still I haven’t envisioned my pot of gold either.

I feel like Mario fighting Bowser with every life he has got without even asking if princess Peach is single. I should quit right now. But may be I will clear a few stages and see if I could get a phone number or a facebook friend request.

2 thoughts on “Dreaming with glasses on.

  1. A very nice pic :-D.. This post is less energetic. You seem to like waiting for someone to tell your future. We have word like risk, trust, confidence who has attained much importance in everybody’s life. Mario doesn’t know princess is single or not but if he wants her ,risk is to be taken… At 22 you are afraid if you are failing at life? Yes many people have goals …to attain it you have to trust yourself… And u have to risk if it is the only thing you want…and stay confident because on the way you will find hindrance which shouldn’t break you down 🙂 cheers

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    1. I agree. Dreaming of becoming an artist is a very risky dream but what isn’t? There are days that I feel less confident in my abilities and I think I should be true about my feeling to this blog. I will be back bouncing and cracking lame jokes again next week. Thank you for the encouragement. Your words helped me more than you think. 🙂


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