The Happy Wappy World Foundation Day

It’s been a year. Ignoring the risk of sounding rude I will just say it out loud, I am very proud of myself.

I extend my warmest welcome, to all of you, to this joyous occasion of first ever celebrations of the Happy Wappy World foundation day. As I have been entrusted, with this interim responsibility of looking after this (hypothetical) world by the higher authorities, I stand here amidst the luminaries of Blogging community of the world as well as some eminent people of the earth to present milestones of the Happy Wappy world and highlight its achievements.

Ehhhhh no, not our style. Let’s bring out some bubble guns, a dslr, wear my favorite dungaree and the widest of smiles and voila, celebrations!!


But I felt I was being a little too selfish by keeping the party only to myself, this celebration should reach each and every one of you who have helped take the blog where it is today. So dress yourself up in the happy mood and hop on.


Rules for the party:

Close your eyes and remember the last time you felt happy, really happy; not the fake smile you give the world or use for the photographs. Now, one of two things will happen- either you will remember something that makes you smile and give your insides a happy lurch or you will feel like this is a pointless exercise and you will move on to the next post in your scroll feed.
If you belong to the first category: good. If you belong to the second category and are still reading, GREAT!!!! Now realize that we are all in the same boat putting in our best efforts to row it towards our pot of desires. But today the Happy Wappy world decided to make you reflect back and acknowledge how far you have come, and within 15 minutes of your precious, hectic, important time (Hey, it’s not money at least!). The idea is to slow down our lives a little bit and focus on all the positives so far. So grab a pen and a paper and write down 10 reasons why you consider your life happy. This list may include individuals that make your life worth living, or your accomplishments achieved after a lot of hard work, or things as random as food joints or your favorite chocolate. When you are done, this piece of paper will describe all the trials and testing times you have been through and how it was all worth it in the end.

Next step is to spread the joy by sharing it. Remember, Sharing is caring! So go to your laptop (in case you are not on it), find a pic where you are happy and IN THE MOMENT and upload it with the list you made with the title- “This smile is owed to” on your blog / facebook accounts with the hash tag #mylifeishappy

Copy and Paste the rules at the end and tag people in it! Let them know that they are a part of your happiness! Spread the gratitude! You could also add my blog link at the end to lend me some extra publicity
Remember, the more you share, the more it spreads. Happiness is infectious so let’s contaminate people.

Here’s mine

IMG_7545p - Copy

This smile is owed to

  1. I have a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts; the constant rocking of band aids in every finger, favorite clothes that have clay stains now, shoulder pains and lung infections have finally materialized into 4 letters that I will hence forth use to describe myself.
  2. My parents; their amazing ability to transform from superheroes to best friends
  3. After about 7 years of practice I think I am finally getting the hang of the menstruation monster. Well at least I don’t cry all day and eat a bucket of icecream every time.
  4. I own a bubble gun; seriously, continuous stream of bubbles from a tiny plastic gun. That’s what I call an invention!!
  5. When I was in 3rd standard I failed a math test and I thought I would never be able to face anybody at school again, but then I went to school the next day.
  6. At 13 I dreamed of making an impact to the world through my actions, at 22 I dream of impacting a life every chance I get.
  7. Artists; The fact that there are certain people in the world who grew above the material desires and practiced a way of expression.
  8. Pixar; I can tell you every story, every character, and most dialogues of every Pixar movie ever made without much reference.
  9. I can now stand in the same room as a cockroach (still not on the same surface level though)
  10. Jalebi; For non-Indian readers, it’s an indian sweet, its swirly, golden, crispy, and juicy basically if Van Gogh was a chef, jalebis would be his signature dish. (oh also 11. Van Gogh)

I am tagging a handful of blogger who I hope would follow through and spread the happiness further. But if you like the concept and would like to take it further on your blog please do not waste any time waiting for somebody to tag you. Do Not Delay Your Happiness.

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photo credits : Shubhika Sucklecha

4 thoughts on “The Happy Wappy World Foundation Day

  1. This is a great way to pass on happiness around. Though I appreciate you mentioning my name in the list, but I will pass over it for now….just because of my schedule.
    Thank you so much, dear.


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