How I know I am going to be Alright.

This post today is not going to give you any advice like the happy wappy blogs usually do. It may or may not bring a smile to your face, I will try my best.

As a 5 year old I was certain that my dad was a superhero. Seriously, I had no doubt that my papa runs the world, and that my mumma could provide for anything I ask for. This was probably why I bossed around kids at school but well. 😛 Jumping to teenage years, My parents and I started to disagree on everything. The perfect picture frame of the king and queen parents turned into two aging people struggling to keep two rebellious kids at bay. At 21 when I have sensibilities coming back to me this picture frame is changing again. The king and queen are back again, not with crowns and robes this time but with halos on top of their heads.

I have finished with most of my college work and am now only left with a couple of exams which will happen somewhere mid of May. Till them I am on a ‘study’ leave; a.k.a. I stay up late binge watching Doctor Who episodes and wake up in the afternoon refusing to care about my outfit or eating habits. The only time I actually get up from the couch to tame my hair is when my mom threatens me to click a pic of the slouching me and upload it on social media. Moms if you are reading this, it does the trick.

But staying home made me observe my parents more closely, not that I usually ignore them but these days I am observing some deeper signs. My mom has this amazing way to fake confidence when talking to strangers. My dad organizes everything to perfection until somehow it gets messy and then he just leaves it and continues adding to the unorganized heap. My mom can cruse through a very twisted family problem but would panic on picking the right shade of lipstick. My dad has this huge obnoxious nose and I have an exact similar pair. In fact I have all the above mentioned traits.

A childhood photo of me and my dad
A childhood photo of me and my dad

My parents are not perfect human beings, and neither am I. But today I do not feel the need to be perfect. Today I am on a different kind of high. I am usually not a very self-confident person but today I feel an amazing sense of confidence; I realize that I am a mix of qualities of two of the most amazing people I know. And this is how I know that I am going to be alright.

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