I haven’t been productive lately. I am practically doing nothing since about over a week now. The weather in Rajasthan right now would make Mario break up with Peach and hop inside a green tunnel. How do I pass my time? I play with my hair, discover folk music on Youtube, try and fail at … More Unproductivity

Striving Perfection

My professor was explaining me today of how abstract artists find their artistic style. It’s a learn then unlearn procedure. We initially learn all the basic elements of art for example proportion, perspective, balance, composition, colour schemes. We practice and perfect the use of these elements to create an art which replicates the world that … More Striving Perfection

The 16 year old me

Today my mom successfully blackmailed me into cleaning my study table. I hadn’t touched it much since 5 years. I do keep changing the setting once in a while but this time she made me clean all the drawers and the back side of the table, everything. While I was contributing to our P.M.’s “Safai … More The 16 year old me

A Mini Mission

I haven’t been blogging much lately because I am stressed to the point of breaking down. I have a million things to sort out in my life and I have no clue where to start from. I keep having panic attacks. My night mares have gone more vivid and my random ice cream trips have … More A Mini Mission