Grabbing the last Cookie

Tomorrow is my convocation ceremony, I took up a part time diploma course in television production at my college and they are giving away the degrees tomorrow. Although my actual graduation will happen next year, I still have to attend this one. 20 days ago when I got a mail about the date of the ceremony I cried. No, not one of those heavy hearted situations where you get teary eyed, nah-ah! I shut down my laptop, crashed on my bed and cried loudly until I fell asleep.

I didn’t want to attend it at all. Convocation is a grown up ceremony and I under no circumstances want to grow up this soon. Mind you I do want to graduate and do something meaningful with my life in future. But still this news stressed me out for a week and I only kept repeating one thing in my mind, ‘Do not want to grow up’.

And here I am today, hair washed, saree properly ironed and camera charged, all psyched for tomorrow. So what changed? Am I suddenly OK with growing up now? Hardly! The hair has been washed with a Barbie shampoo and the band-aid on my paper cut has balloons on it. I still am equally scared I will fall climbing up that stage and I just know I will look ridiculous in that god awful black hat. But there is one very strong reason to wake up tomorrow and wear those painful high heels.

This day will never come again.

What if we could live each day like this, with the fear of tomorrow never repeating itself? Imagine how many things would we be able to accomplish? How many risks would we take to achieve happiness? How many good deeds would we do to make our loved ones smile?

Think about it, this fear is real! We really do not know if we might get to live the next day. And I mean this in the most positive way. Just like the last cookie in the jar, you only get seconds to decide if you want it or not before anybody else grabs it; happy moment are the same, you need to snatch them as soon as they are offered to you.

We all regret and dread sad moments so why not do everything possible to find happiness, and find it now. Your inhibitions might be stripping you of your happiness and you aren’t even noticing. Be very careful to seize every happy day you can.

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