One Person You Should Love The Most

When you teach a kid to draw a tree, you first draw it yourself on the piece of paper and then the kid uses your drawing as a reference to draw it himself. Let’s work in the similar procedure for when it comes to love. Let’s love ourselves enough to set an example for others to follow.

Recently it was pointed out to me that most of my posts show emphasis on human relationships in order to achieve happiness, when happiness should actually come from within. It got me thinking, and after reading a few self help articles this is what I could gather. Basing your happiness on anything external be it relationships, wealth, or circumstances is a waste of time. Try to be happy with whatever your situation is right now. Do not procrastinate happiness at any cost.

Which brings us back to our topic – your first love should be you. Adore yourself! Take care of your mind, soul and body. Treat yourself to a cupcake every now and then. Meditate to purify your mind. Wear that little black dress of yours just to click a bathroom selfie. Anything and everything that you can do right now to make yourself happy, do it! Do not wait for somebody to take you out on a fancy dinner; you want to eat a good meal? Treat yourself. This is not to be confused with being self obsessed. All I am trying to say is that you cannot expect anybody to love you if you do not know how to love yourself.

Protecting our loved ones comes naturally to us. Now that we love ourselves we need to take responsibility for our own protection too. If it calls for being selfish, so be it. Saying NO to situations you feel uncomfortable in is OK. Stand up for yourself whenever you feel cheated. Stop spending time with people who do not respect you.

Be true to your loved ones. Be true to yourself.

Imagine yourself as a hair stylist; would anybody come to your salon if your hair is all over the place in bad condition? Give your loved ones a demo of how you want to be loved by loving yourself. If you feel loving yourself will lessen your love for everybody else around you, I assure you that it is not the case. Once you start taking care of yourself, their responsibility lessens and you start expecting less from them, lessening their burden.

So next time you are all dressed up, going to a party find yourself a mirror, smile, give a sexy pose and compliment yourself. It might give you a confidence boost too.

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