Cut your ear to be a successful artist!

The world is overwhelming. It’s infinitely bigger than you, there are people doing so much better and so much worse than you at the same time. You can spend hours watching biographies of people who are way more successful and swim in the sea of guilt of wasting your life. Similarly, you could be watching documentaries of children working in mines and get swallowed in pity and helplessness. … More Cut your ear to be a successful artist!

Looks Do Matter!

We are all constantly finding flaws in our body to be insecure about. Sure, being too fat or too skinny is a health risk and you need to exercise daily but aren’t we still always too short, too tall, too pale, too dark? All this in comparison to who? The ideal conventional good looking human from your gender. Thus, almost automatically when we do find someone that fits the desired mould closely we tend to give them importance over ourselves or others. … More Looks Do Matter!

The Independent Woman

The society I belong to brought me up with the idea of gender equality and female empowerment, so much so that it came naturally for me to strive for better grades than to learn how to cook. The predefined gender roles have long been forgotten. But that’s just the society that I live in. There … More The Independent Woman