The Independent Woman

The society I belong to brought me up with the idea of gender equality and female empowerment, so much so that it came naturally for me to strive for better grades than to learn how to cook. The predefined gender roles have long been forgotten. But that’s just the society that I live in. There … More The Independent Woman

Festival Chaos

I usually write at night when there is enough silence for me to listen to my thoughts, but tonight that silence seems impossible to achieve. For there are thousands of fireworks roaring outside and my thoughts would just have to pretend like they are on a low quality skype call. It’s the festival season here … More Festival Chaos

Gifting Hope

Imagine a tanned skinned 12 year old girl who is being repeatedly told she is too dark to look beautiful and that she will never be the confident good looking woman she dreams of to become. This long lost desert that she is sitting in the middle of, is filled with fairness creams and mirrors … More Gifting Hope

The Haircut Story

I was 10 when I went in for my first hair cutting experience, before this I had straight hip length hair that my mother used to trim for me. I sunk into the big red chair, making funny faces at the fancy mirror in front of me. The lady hair stylists comes and stands behind … More The Haircut Story

The Destiny Bus

I have always been a dreamer, I dream of affecting lives, I dream of appreciation from all around the world; and then I wake up to a place that is full of tragedies and mistakes. And it doesn’t make sense, because doesn’t everybody deserves a fair chance at life? A change to sing to the tune in their heads. … More The Destiny Bus